Friday, February 6, 2009

Lattice Braid

Hey guys,

My owner saw a horse that had a "Lattice braid" a couple years back at a horse show. At that time she didn't know what it was called but thought it looked quite neat!

She saw the same "braid" in a book and then looked it up on the internet where she found a picture and deicded to try to do this lattice braid to her dad's horse, Patches.
It took her about 30 minutes to do, but it looks awesome!! And it was her first try!

It looks a lot better if you use the same color rubber bands for horses, but she didn't want to pick though her bag!! Enjoy the pictures; she tried to take some so you could do it to your horse, or your friends horse!!

Goss the goose

The Lattice braid...
You can pick up the edge and the whole thing
comes up like a blanket!!

To make the "Lattice braid" look that up on the Internet, or just scroll down and look at the rest of the pictures!!
First you put your horse's hair in rubber
band (or whatever you use for ending braids)
make them about 1 inch apart, my owner
was going to get a picture of that but she
didn't get the camera before she started!!
Just pertend this is the first row:)
part the hair in half and take a half of the next
one, and so on 'til the end of the row

put the band right where my owners
fingers are

Once you get the hang of it you will get going
really quickly, you can do a couple rows, or all
the way to the end of the hair. It all depends on
what you want!!

Once you're done saddle up and show off
your great work!!


Anna Marie and Pets said...

WOW, it's BEAUTIFUL! I love it; I'll have to try it out on one of the horses at the stables!
Anna Marie

Sue said...

Looks great!!